Irina of Carim is an NPC in Dark Souls 3. She can teach and sell Miracles to your character in a certain area of the game. Irina of Carim Information. Can be killed. Sells Miracles, see Items Sold below. Teaches the "Prayer" gesture. Accepts all divine tomes, but her questline will vary accordingly.


The blind Irina of Carim is one of the many Characters you encounter in Dark Souls 3. Finding Her In order to find Irina, you must first obtain the Mortician's Ashes .

A World of Ash & Cinders Irina of carim. a guest . Apr 29th, 2017. 57 . Never .

Irina of carim

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Spela. Podcaster Rss. Dela  I wanna know if i can buy normal miracles and then dark ones. Calculat3d gick live på Twitch. Häng med i Dark Souls III-VOD:en nu.

The Shrine Handmaid will sell Eygon of Carim's armor (only after all the bosses he can be summoned in are deafeated).

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Irina of carim

Irina of Carim. Another Dark Souls 3 Serie Portrait. Posted 3 years ago. 2 Likes 2 Likes; 67 Views; 0 Comments. Share. Pin it. Tweet. Share 

Irina of carim

To get to Irina, jump down from the bridge while facing blacksmith Andre. Then, walk around Orbeck and Cornyx. Then, go right, instead of climbing up the stairs.

Irina of carim

extremely underrated waifu tbh she must be protected 0. Irina of Carim / Gold 3 80LP / 63W 61L Win Ratio 51% / Seraphine - 7W 6L Win Ratio 54%, Shen - 9W 2L Win Ratio 82%, Senna - 3W 8L Win Ratio 27%, Malphite - 6W 4L Win Ratio 60%, Hecarim - 4W 5L Win Ratio 44% 06.08.2018 - OUND? Do you wish to GET HURT ?
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Irina of carim


Irina is an aspiring Fi Irina of Carim (17) Ashen One (Dark Souls) (10) Eygon of Carim (7) Anri of Astora (6) Fire Keeper (Dark Souls) (6) Andre of Astora (5) Yuria of Londor (4) Orbeck of Vinheim (3) Greirat of the Undead Settlement (3) Horace the Hushed (3) Include Relationships Eygon of Carim/Irina of Carim (3) Anri of Astora & Ashen One (2) So i accidentally killed the Irina of Carim now what?
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Björkdalens Irina f.1989. Björkdalens Isa f.1989 Björnslunds Iransy f.1977. Björnslunds Irina f.1976 Brittborgens Carim f.1979. Brittborgens Catrin f.1979

Sign Up, it unlocks many cool features! text 1.35 KB 2016-04-19 · Dark Souls III Dialogues | Irina of Carim. Search. Library. Log in.

I have both divine tome of carim and londor, if I chose the option "give divine tome" to Irina wich one will she get ? I bought the londor one before knowing about her quest.

Munchmuseet. Norway. Sang  Carim. Carima.

Irina is located in a cell at the bottom of the sewers in Undead Settlement that requires the Grave Key. Purchase the key from the Shrine Handmaiden after handing over the Mortician’s Ashes found in the graveyard of Undead Settlement. In Firelink Shrine Irina works as a tradeswoman, but her main goal is to learn miracles.